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Clock Education: Unpacking Your New Cuckoo Clock

  1. Untwist the wire that goes through the chains and remove.

  2. Allow the chains to hang freely.

  3. Remove back of clock case.

  4. Remove paper from gong.

  5. Remove clips from bellows.

  6. Replace back of the clock.

  7. Slide the clip on the cuckoo door up so the door can open freely.

  8. Hang the clock on the wall by the top hole on rear of clock.

  9. Hang the pendulum on the leader hanging down behind the chains.

  10. Hang the weights on the chain hooks.

  11. Give the pendulum a tap and it will start ticking.

  12. If the clock runs a few minutes and stops, you may have to physically move the bottom of the clock a little to the right or left on the wall until your clock has an even “tic tock” beat.

  13. When setting the time, use the minute hand only and stop every half hour and let it cuckoo and play music if equipped, and every hour and let it cuckoo and play music if equipped until you set the correct time. Always go clockwise and never go backwards.

  14. If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call, 570-675-6507.

  15. Have your clock professionally serviced every 3 to 5 years.

Ye Olde Clock and Gift Shoppe, in Dallas, Pennsylvania, is a family owned business since 1968.
We have been a destination in the Back Mountain since August of 1972. Tom and Rebecca, along with our amazing team, select all of our clocks, watches, fine collectibles, jewelry and gifts from craftsmen around the world. We feature handmade gifts from the best local artists. We provide old fashioned customer service, where the customer comes first. We gladly accept special orders and ship everywhere. Please visit us today.

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