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Clock Education: Basic Clock Oiling Guidelines

  1. On models with removable basic bonnet, loosen the back catches on the bonnet of the clock case. Then remove by sliding forward and tilting the top backward to clear the dial frame. On other models, remove side frets or open side doors.

  2. Stop the pendulum. Remove pendulum and remove the weights, using soft gloves.

  3. Place hands at 12 o’clock.

  4. Remove the hand nut with pliers counterclockwise. Then remove the hands from the center shaft. Remove second hand, if equipped.

  5. Remove the dial by taking out the four dial frame screws. Pins or clips secure dial to the movement or clock case.

  6. With the clock oiler, place a small drop of oil on each bearing bushing. Do not put oil on the gears themselves or on the teeth of the gears. Blot off excess oil runs with a tissue. If dirty, clean out dirt.

  7. Replace the dial. If you have a moon phase dial, make sure the moon operating mechanism engages the moon wheel itself-fragile.

  8. Replace hands to 12 o’clock, first the hour hand and then the minute hand. Press hand securely on center shaft so there is clearance between the hands. Replace second hand.

  9. Replace hand nut, tightening snug.

  10. Reinstall weights and pendulum. Weights area usually labeled left, center, right.

  11. Start pendulum swinging and set clock to correct time by moving the minute hand.

If you are not comfortable working on a delicate movement, call a trained professional. We assume no liability or responsibility for inexperienced oiling and clock repair and servicing. Only use approved clock oil for your specific movement. These are only basic guidelines as some clocks are very complicated.

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