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Clock Education: Regulating Timekeeping

Changing the speed of time keeping is accomplished by moving the pendulum disk up or down. The pendulum disk is moved up or down by turning the adjustment nut. To slow the clock down, move the pendulum disk down by turning the adjustment nut to the left.

To speed the clock up, move the pendulum disk up by turning the adjustment nut to the right.

Day One:

  1. Select a time of day that will allow you to check your clock at the same time for at least six days.

  2. Record the time selected______________

  3. Check the correct time.

  4. Re-set the minute hand to the exact, correct time.

Day Two, Three, Four, Five, Six (if necessary)

  1. Check the correct time.

  2. Compare time shown on your clock with the correct time. Is your clock fast or slow?

  3. Turn the adjustment nut on the pendulum one complete revolution for each minute fast or slow per day. (24 hours)

  4. Check the correct time.

  5. Re-set the minute hand to exact, correct time.

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